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Registration & Tuition Information for the 2024-2025 School Year:

$50.00 Enrollment Fee

Pay In Full Discount: $40 per family per year

Two-Day a Week Preschool Program
September - May ($889 yearly)

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Three-Day a Week Pre-K Program
September - May ($1,209 yearly)
To view or print an application, click here.


Five-Day a Week Pre-K Program
September - May ($1,890 yearly)

To view or print an application, click here.


Preschool & Pre-K

The preschool program at St. Luke School prioritizes fostering positive self-esteem, enthusiasm for learning, and the development of Christian values in young children. This is accomplished through the following:


  • Educational Philosophy: The preschool aims to instill a positive self-image in children and cultivate an excitement for learning. Christian values such as kindness, patience, and understanding are emphasized, with a central message that Jesus loves each child as they are.


  • Christian Values: The curriculum is designed to help children understand and demonstrate Christian values. The focus is on practicing caring through both words and actions.


Daily Schedule:

Arrival/Free Play: The day begins with a period for children to arrive and engage in free play, promoting socialization and easing into the learning environment.

Circle Time: This segment includes various components such as an opening prayer, Bible lesson, pledges, calendar time, weather discussion, and, for PK5, activities like the Hundreds Chart and Phonemic Awareness using the Heggerty Curriculum.

Language Arts: Activities related to colors and the alphabet are included, likely aimed at early literacy development.

Math: The curriculum covers shapes and numbers, introducing foundational mathematical concepts.

Specials: Rotating activities such as Music, Art, Gym, Science, or Social Studies are incorporated into the schedule, providing a well-rounded learning experience.

Closing: The day concludes with activities like recess (weather permitting), a story or song, and a closing prayer, fostering a sense of closure and reflection.

This daily schedule reflects a balanced approach to preschool education, combining elements of play, structured learning, and exposure to various subjects. The integration of Christian values and teachings is evident throughout the day, reinforcing a holistic approach to the development of young children at St. Luke School.

Schedule a Tour

To truly grasp the unique qualities that set St. Luke Lutheran School in Cabot apart, we invite you to experience it firsthand! Join us for a personalized tour and the opportunity to shadow our students for a day. We look forward to welcoming you to our special community.

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