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The goal of St. Luke Lutheran School is to provide a holistic Kindergarten education that combines academic learning with Christian values. The school aims to assist parents in the Christian training and education of their children. The key aspects of the educational philosophy include:

  • Christian Foundation: The school emphasizes that each child is a child of God and seeks to instill the understanding that God loves them, forgives them, and is always with them, regardless of the circumstances.


  • Religious Instruction: Daily religion instruction is a central component of the curriculum. This includes Bible lessons and discussions on how these lessons apply to daily life. These teachings are integrated into various aspects of the students' lives, promoting a deep understanding of faith.


  • Social and Emotional Growth: The school focuses on the social and emotional development of students, teaching them to apply Christian beliefs in their interactions with peers. This includes learning to play, resolve conflicts, and serve the school and community through various projects.


  • Academic Curriculum: The academic curriculum emphasizes foundational skills such as reading through phonics and high-frequency words, exploring number concepts in math, and studying God's creation through a science curriculum. The goal is to provide a well-rounded education that encompasses both academic and spiritual development.


  • Service-Oriented Approach: Students are encouraged to serve the school and the community through various projects. This emphasis on service aligns with the Christian values of compassion, kindness, and community involvement.


In summary, St. Luke Lutheran School aims to nurture the whole child by combining strong academic foundations with Christian principles, fostering spiritual, social, emotional, and academic growth in a supportive learning environment.

Documents/Items Necessary for Enrollment:


St. Luke Lutheran School is committed to integrating Christian values and academic excellence into the students' education. This is accomplished through the following goals:


  • Christ-Centered Education: The school emphasizes that Christ is at the center of everything they do. Daily Biblically-based Religion instruction, prayer, and devotion are integral components of each classroom's routine.


  • Service-Oriented Approach: St. Luke Lutheran School places a strong emphasis on instilling a sense of service to God and others. Students are actively involved in volunteer activities, including working with our food bank, Concordia Lutheran Ministries, and supporting local and worldwide ministries.


  • Academic Excellence: The school sets high academic standards, encouraging students to strive toward excellence. The average performance of students on nationally normed standardized tests is highlighted, suggesting a commitment to academic achievement.


  • Holistic Growth: St. Luke Lutheran School aims to nurture the spiritual, academic, and social growth of each child. The goal is to partner with families to help students develop into strong individuals as intended by God.


  • Support Services: The school provides extra support in various areas, including reading, math, speech, and guidance. This support is offered in collaboration with PA Intermediate Unit IV.


  • Technology Integration: Technology is integrated into the curriculum, with 1st–3rd grade students using iPads, and 4th-grade students having one-to-one access to Chromebooks.


  • Enrichment Programs: Students participate in daily specials such as computer, gym, art, and music classes. Fine arts are emphasized, with piano lessons offered to grades K–4, instrumental lessons, band, and a schoolwide musical/play twice a year.


  • Sports and Clubs: The school aims to offer a variety of sports, including basketball and cross-country. Additionally, after-school clubs, such as Folk Dance, LEGOS (Bricks and Books), Math24, Word Games, and cooking, are provided by teachers and community members.


Overall, St. Luke Lutheran School's approach strives to be holistic, integrating spiritual development, academic excellence, and a well-rounded extracurricular experience for its students.

Grades 1 - 4

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