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Middle School (5-8)

St. Luke School is committed to providing a Christ-centered, academically rigorous environment. We are honored to partner with families and to offer a strong holistic education through the following:

  • Christ-Centered Education: St. Luke School places Christ at the center of its program. Daily Biblically based Religion instruction, prayer, and devotion are integral aspects of each classroom.


  • Service-Oriented Philosophy: The school instills a sense of service to God and fellow humans in students through volunteer activities with local food banks, Concordia Lutheran Ministries, The Lighthouse Foundation, and support for various local and worldwide ministries.

  • Academic Excellence: At St. Luke, we don't just aspire to academic excellence; we achieve it. Our commitment to high educational standards is evident in our students' outstanding performance:

    • Superior Test Results: Our students consistently outperform national norms, scoring on average over two years above their grade level.

    • High Achievement: Our class composite achievement test scores are in the impressive 80th percentile.

    • Exceptional Math Proficiency: A testament to our robust math curriculum is our students' 100% pass rate in the Algebra Keystone Exams.


  • Middle School Preparation: St. Luke School's Middle School setting is departmentalized, preparing students for the transition to high school.


  • Individualized Learning: Students have the option to participate in leveled math courses starting from 6th grade, allowing them to progress based on their abilities.


  • Hands-on Science: Science classes for 5th–8th graders take place in a Science Lab, facilitating hands-on experiments.


  • Technology Integration: 5th–8th grade students use one-to-one Chromebooks, incorporating technology into their learning experience.


  • Enrichment Programs: Daily specials include computer class, gym, art, and music classes. Fine arts offerings include piano lessons, instrumental lessons, band, handbells, guitar, and ukulele.


  • Sports and Clubs: The school aims to provide various sports options like basketball and cross-country. Afterschool clubs, such as Folk Dance, Legos (Bricks and Books), Math24, Word Games, and cooking, are offered by both teachers and community members.


Overall, St. Luke School emphasizes a comprehensive approach to education, focusing on spiritual, academic, and social growth, and actively involving students in a range of enriching activities to support their development.

Grades 5 - 8

Schedule a Tour

To truly grasp the unique qualities that set St. Luke Lutheran School in Cabot apart, we invite you to experience it firsthand! Join us for a personalized tour and the opportunity to shadow our students for a day. We look forward to welcoming you to our special community.

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