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Legacy of Learning and Faith

Beginning in a humble room in 1866 and evolving over 150 years, St. Luke Congregation has steadfastly provided a Christian Day School that blends academic excellence with spiritual growth, adhering to the belief that educating children in a Christian environment prepares them for service in God’s world.

Community and Heritage

St. Luke's history is rich with stories of a community that values education, evident from the German settlers’ dedication to educating their children in their mother tongue to the modern commitment to a Christ-centered education. This highlights the school's ability to preserve heritage while embracing community changes and educational advancements.

Adaptability and Growth

The school has demonstrated remarkable adaptability, transitioning from teaching in German to English, introducing new educational programs, and expanding its facilities to accommodate growing enrollment, all while maintaining its core values.

Investment in Future Generations

St. Luke’s has consistently invested in the future, not only by adapting its curriculum to meet changing educational standards but also by establishing scholarships and endowment funds to ensure all children have access to Christian education regardless of financial background.

Celebrating Service and Success

Over a century and a half, the school has celebrated numerous milestones and successes, including the dedication of staff and alumni who return to contribute to the school's legacy. This demonstrates a deep-rooted belief in nurturing a cycle of giving back, service, and community involvement.

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